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Project commissioned by ADVN about the 'HeldenHulde' gravestones, within the framework of the historical research into these graves, erected during and after WW1. Joe English, my great grandfather, was the designer of this tombstone. He became a symbol of the flemish nationalist movement after the war and his work was key in the spreading of that message.

The pictures were used in the book 'Onsterfelijk in uw steen', edited by Frank Seberechts, is available at Uitgeverij Vrijdag

On top of the publication and the traveling exhibition, there's a database wherein all the former and existing headstones are listed. (or to be listed, as it is still in progress)

17/11-22/12/16: Paterskerk - Roeselare
22/06-16/07/17: Keunekapel - Koksijde
26/10-16/11/17: Bibliotheek - Putte
01/10-30/11/18: Gemeente Lebbeke