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Mystic Landscape

Photographer Sam Vanoverschelde investigates how the landscape still carries the traces of the war. Guided by the life of his great grandfather, soldier-painter Joe English, he researches the state of the landscape to reflect on contemporary society. Balancing on the edge of the anecdotic and symbolic, he works his way between the personal view and the historical significance. 'Mystical Landscape' refers to the last series of paintings, 'the mystical city', Joe English created during the last year of his life in Veurne, during WW1

The extensive research wil be released here shortly as well as some of the results.

The project is presented at the 'Museum on the Yser', august 31st 2017, with the support of VOS - Vlaamse Vredesvereniging. This project is part of the GoneWest program, the cultural commemoration of WW1. More info on

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